Organzation Procedures


  • Provides definitions for the following terms found throughout the Charter: "Public Notice", "Data", "Department or agency", "Municipality and/or City", "Capital Project", "General Statuses", and more. 
  • Requires a mandatory review of the Charter every ten years.


  • Defines powers of the City.
  • Describes the process to condemn and dispose of land.
  • Allows the City to provide financial assistance to the Ferguson Library, the Stamford Historical Society, and other qualified non-profit corporations and governmental agencies that provide benefits for the general welfare of Stamford residents.
  • Details the process to remove elective officers.


  • Held on the Tuesday after the first Monday each November.
  • Polls shall be open from 6:00am-8:00pm.
  • Defines the terms of office of the following elective offices: 3 years (Board of Education); 4 years (Mayor, Town/City Clerk, Board of Representatives, Constables, Registrar of Voters, Board of Finance).
  • Determines the number of elective officers and what shall happen if there is a vacancy in an elective office.
  • Divides the City into 20 voting districts of equal population size.
  • Describes the elections of the Board of Representatives, Board of Finance, and Board of Education.