City Info



Stamford is made up of twenty voting districts. Voters elect two residents of their district to serve on the Board of Representatives. 

The district map is reviewed by the Reapportionment Commission every ten years. 

city charter

The Citizens of Stamford shall have all the rights, privileges, and protections provided by the City Charter and all Federal and State law, to include the right to:

  • An open and accessible government (including reasonable access to City records and to City officials and employees to conduct business with the City.
  • Observe meetings and hearing of all City Boards, Commissions, and Committees, and to make reasonable public comment at public hearings
  • Have elected and governmental employees conduct business in accordance with the City Code of Ethics.

Click here to access the full City Charter. 

board of representatives

Role: the legislative power of Stamford.

Meets: the first Monday of each month (unless otherwise noted).  Click here for a schedule of typical meeting dates. 

Major Responsibilities include:

  • Enact ordinances
  • Adopt Capital & Operating Budgets for the City and Board of Education
  • Fill vacancies in elected offices
  • Approve appointment of Directors (paid city staff)
  • Approve appointments to Boards and Commissions 
  • Establish fees charged by all City agencies
  • Approve labor contracts
  • Approve purchase, sale, or lease of real property
  • Investigate any officer, department, or agency of the City


  • 1 - Mayor
  • 40 - members of the Board of Representatives
  • 6 - members of Board of Finance
  • 9 - members of the Board of Education
  • 1 - City/Town Clerk
  • 2 - Registrars of Voters
  • 7 - Constables